Thinking about snow removal service? Reasons why it’s time to hire

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Earth developmentis committed to providing you with the best possible snow removal service, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

For the quality of the service being there all winter long, it happens to be recommended the calibration of the snow removal operations. Thus, each instruction specific to your contract will be noted in your file and communicated to the operator during snow removal. In addition, it is been tried, as much as possible, to assign an operator to a single route, so that he quickly gets to know all the peculiarities of your entrance. This also contributes to increasing both the quality and the efficiency of our services throughout the winter season.

In order to preserve your land and your facilities, abrasives (stone and sand) or melting agents (de-icing salts) are not been used.

Earth developmenthave state-of-the-art machinery. Specifically, Versatile four-wheel fleet of drive tractors hitched to a plow and a blower, will answer the call during the heaviest snowfall, or the worst snow swath you’ve ever seen. Thanks to the experienced operators and their dexterity, everything will be done quickly and without damaging anything.

You can also getinstalment payments over three instalments as well as the facility of payment by credit card. There is even the possibility of obtaining a discount if you combine your snow removal service with that of a lawn maintenance for the summer.

Roof snow removal

Versatile four-wheel also carry out snow removal from roofs. Experts from specialize in Snow Plowing from flat roofs or roofs with a standard slope covering residential buildings of one or two floors. If your roof threatens to crack under the weight of a thick white coat, they will quickly and efficiently unload it. The additional snow can be also transported off your property if you do not have a place to store it, or leave it on the street if you have the appropriate permit.

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