Trends You Can Expect From Digital Marketing Platforms

B2B Marketing

The first step in digital marketing is establishing your presence on the web. Today, nearly every organization employs digital marketing to improve brand awareness, build relationships with customers, and generate sales. Simply put, digital marketing simply refers to any advertising campaign that leverages the web and online media via connected electronic devices like home computers, cell phones, or even the Internet of things (IoT.) The reason why many organizations are turning to digital marketing platforms is due to the fact that they can target individuals in ways that TV, radio, and print cannot. Digital marketing allows you to establish an identity for your business right from the start. The following are some of the most common digital marketing platforms being utilized by organizations worldwide:

Another of the digital marketing platforms used by digital marketing teams around the world is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as search engine publicity. SEO is one of the key components of successful advertising campaigns, because it increases the website’s visibility in the search engine results, which increases traffic. Unlike traditional marketing methods, SEO is not limited by keyword relevancy. Instead, digital marketing teams can use strategies such as image selection, internal linking, and contextual advertising to maximize visibility and to drive traffic to a website.

The last of the digital marketing platforms, we’ll discuss is Instagram. Instagram is a social networking website that allows users to post pictures and short messages on the platform using various formats, such as text or picture attachments. Businesses and brands can use the platform to build user relationships and engage their audiences on a more personal level. To make good use of it, digital marketing agencies have turned to companies like Instagram for marketing campaigns, which typically begin by posting content and comments on other users’ posts.

The goal is to attract followers who, in turn, will provide feedback and recommendations to the businesses involved. For example, if a popular Instagram account promotes a business by offering a coupon to users who upload pictures of themselves using the product, the business can use the feedback from the Instagram followers to formulate an ad campaign that offers discounts to users who take their coupon photo on Instagram.

One of the most interesting areas where mobile messaging apps are gaining traction in the world of digital marketing platforms is with conversational interfaces, such as those provided by Facebook and Twitter. These platforms provide a way for businesses to engage with customers on a more intimate level, which has many benefits. In fact, companies like Instinct, a mobile messaging company, have found a particularly useful role when it comes to engaging with businesses through these platforms. As the company notes, its recent acquisition of messaging app Neat can help it better serve clients who want to provide more personalized experiences through their mobile devices.

Another one of the trends we’ve noticed among digital marketing platforms is the emergence of chat bots. These are automated chat programs that automatically join conversations on popular platforms to engage users and get the conversation started. For example, mobile messaging company Instinct recently acquired mobile monkey, a highly popular bot that allows people to connect on the platform by sharing links and news stories. While chat bots are gaining steam, there are other platforms gaining in popularity as well, including QR codes, web-based applications, and proprietary gadgets that plug into the platform.

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