Cost saving tips: 3 ways to save money with the car leasing software

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Cost-effective decisions not only inspire your company to thrive, but also make it more efficient and powerful. Car leasing software turn these decisions into the habits and saving money and other resources becomes a part of daily routine.

These are the three ways to save money with the car leasing software.

  1. Decrease the amount of technical tasks while leasing automobiles

Car leasing software decreases the amount of administrative work by automating main processes and gives you featured tools that help to run leasing business smoothly, save money and human resources. The entire process of leasing automobiles — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting on the system, could be completed three times more efficient.

Auto leasing software enables you to create, store, distribute documents all in one place and configure document templates by mapping to data in the system. In addition, with leasing system at the same time you can work with several functionalities related to the lease/loan origination process and manage all lease applications: prepare disbursement schedules, vetting checks, use special approval conditions etc.

  1. Use asset management tools provided by the leasing system

Comprehensive description of your leased assets and all related information, kept in one place is crucial to assure you and all company‘s employees are able to get necessary data of particular lease right away. The leasing system allows you to list each unit on the lease application, identify with it with a unique ID, set the attributes of the asset (e.g. new or used, starting mileage, color, etc.). Each asset has a defined supplier, purchase price, tax group, residual value and more.

Also asset management tools provided by the leasing system are important when setting every asset‘s maintenance timeline and ensuring they are operating as efficiently as possible, reducing costly repairs. Software allows users to create service orders related to leased asset, keep track of actual service cost and price and schedule Appointment Date and Time, assign responsible officer depending on his weekly load.

  1. Analyze business results with auto leasing software’s integrated tools

Analyzing results of the previous month or year helps you to make better-informed, educated decisions and finds insights how to save money without negatively affecting your company’s quality of work. Power BI user-friendly analytics tool of auto leasing software presents you with extensive reports and interactive charts, provides with many different reports about sales results, portfolio growth, financial results, arrears’ situation. In addition, system creates operational KPIs charts to indicate the ratio of new applications to settled deals and see how fast the credit assessment process is and slicers of business lines and sales channels.

Process of leasing automobiles with car leasing software could become not only three times more efficient, but three times economic too. It just takes the right leasing system to see it.

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