How to Buy CBD Cartridges – Check out This Quick Guide

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CBD cartridges have lately gained popularity because it is simple and hassle-free way of taking CBD. You can easily take it even if you are outside, in office or at home. This surge in demand has led many brands to start manufacturing CBD products. We will be discussing about different types of CBD cartridges here.

There are different types of cartridges available in the market. However, you should check for the company registration while looking for CBD shop near me and before buying cartridges online. Also keep in mind CBD cartridges are not available for cheap. Hence, do not fall prey to brands that are giving at much reduced rate than the usual market price.

Let us know more:

Disposable cartridges

Most of the manufactures position their products as refillable items. There is a limit to refill. Even you are opting for the most expensive ones in the market, an averaged cartridge stops working after 250-300 drags depending on the frequency of usages. Hence, the term refillable is debatable. There is one advantage of this type than the other ones, which is it comes with an USB and you can charge it on the go. This functionality ensures that you never go dry.

Non disposable cartridges

As the name suggests, these are for one time and some can last for a week. These cartridges are cost effective than the disposable ones. Moreover, if you are beginning it for the first time, it is best that you start with this. You will understand how your body reacts or if you like it or not. Additionally, you can choose as per concentration of the cartridges. There is low, medium and high level of CBD available.

Understanding the related factors


Obviously, price is always an important and deciding factor. This does not mean an expensive cartridge is of better value. You may need 100mg CBD throughout the day instead of all at once. This means you should divide 50 mg by 50 mg for best results. You must understand if you are taking higher dosage more than your requirement you might feel drowsy. CBD should be taken just at the right amount. On the other hand, if you are using a potent cartridge, you might need fewer drags to get the desired effects.

Laboratory testing

CBD vape cartridge should be approved and tested by the laboratory. Most of the CBD vapes are approved by certain medical or government bodies, suggesting safe for consumption. There will be extraction method given along with the product.

If you are buying full spectrum CBD oil, it will contain at least 0.3 – 1 percent THC. The concentration depends on the extraction process. Cold pressed extraction will keep all the properties intact. If you are buying broad spectrum CBD oil, then be assured you will have untraceable amounts of THC.

Always check the laboratory testing details before you are consuming it. for starters, it is recommended that you must go for Co2 extraction procedure, because it provides the best quality CBD oil, which is free from toxins and other heavy metals.


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