Why Consider The Development Of An On-Demand Dog Walking App

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Undoubtedly, it makes sense to think of making a dog-walking online system, and we’ll tell you why, but first of all, we’d like to say a few words about those solutions.

Here we’re referring to specialized mobile software that serves for dog owners to find knowledgeable and trusty caregivers any time they need. At the same time, dog-walkers get a chance to broaden their clientele, meaning, they have an opportunity to make a greater profit.

Reasons to build a dog walking platform

Lately, we can observe an increase in the number of families who have dogs and other pets. Especially, this applies to Europe and the USA. That segment keeps boosting. However, one thing has to be considered in this regard: there’s plenty of people who keep a tight schedule, thus, it’s pretty challenging for them to find 30 minutes to walk the dogs.

Recent research has proven the following:

  • 17% of respondents work over 60 hours weekly;
  • 20% claim they’re on duty from 50 to 59 hours per week;
  • 10% of interviewees stay at work 41-49 hours every week;
  • 41% admit they work 40 hours;
  • 8% of answerers are on duty less than 40 hours weekly.

Those are the reasons to create a dog-walking solution to help people manage their everyday life.

Benefits dog walking frameworks provide:

  • opportunity to save time with no harm to pets;
  • a chance for dog sitters to find more clients and get as many orders as they want;
  • means to create a positive image of a company that offers diverse pet caring services, say, dog training, grooming, feeding, etc.

Challenges while developing dog-walking software

If you decide to create a lifestyle mobile app like Wag!, or Swifto, you shall prepare yourself to cope with certain issues, namely:

  • Prohibited areas. You shall be aware of zones that are forbidden for walks, and the caregivers who apply for your app have to know them as well. You as an owner will be responsible for familiarizing the users with those details.
  • Protection of pets. Something might happen during the walk, for instance, dogs can eat some items off the ground, strangers can harm them, etc. When pets are with dog walkers, those professionals are fully responsible for everything that happens. To prevent possible issues, it’d be wise to thoroughly check people who’re sitting dogs. Moreover, it’ll make sense to implement GPS technologies to be able to track all dog walks. Pet owners might feel much better if they receive pictures and short videos to make sure their four-legged wards are safe. It could also be a good idea to provide pet insurance.
  • Protection of caregivers. All dogs are different, some of them could be very large, others might be aggressive to some extend. Therefore, dog walkers have to be taken care of as well. Of course, those people need to know the business and have some knowledge on how to deal with pets. Try to think of how you can protect dog sitters, and insurance could be one of the options.

Obviously, making an on-demand dog-walking platform is totally worth it since such programs can facilitate the lives of many people. So, in case you’re planning to design this kind of application, now is the right time to start your project.

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