Doormats have many benefits and are more than just a great looking item.


It’s so annoying to see mud in your house. You can spend hundreds of pounds on products to make your floors shine, but then someone will dirty them again. You can stop this from happening by placing floor mats on your front, back and side doors.

Doormats go beyond beautifying your front yard; they have many practical benefits that help keep your home safe and clean.

You should still invest in a high quality doormat. Here are four good reasons.

  1. Keep your grounds in top form

All sorts of foreign debris, mud and even tiny insects build up on the bottoms of shoes. It is difficult to keep your carpets and floors clean if you have filthy soles.

Everyone coming into your home will want to wipe their soles on the mat. You can be sure they’d have cleaned off all dirt from underneath their shoes before they step in your house. The mat’s usefulness helps keep your floors shiny and clean, while reducing the effort needed to maintain them.

  1. Protect your rugs & carpets from dirt and other contaminants

To prevent carpets getting dirty, encourage everyone to wipe their feet after entering the house. It can be hard to remove dried dirt and mud from rugs. Deep cleaning your carpets will be more necessary if you have people who keep bringing in dirt and mud, which can result in an expensive professional cleaning service.

Dirt in your carpets isn’t only unsightly but can also lead to allergens and diseases-causing contaminants. These particles build up in the carpet’s fibers, and make it harder to clean.

  1. Maintain indoor air quality

Some exploratory studies indicate that dusty and woven rugs can have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

A custom logo rug helps to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, which in turn contributes to indoor air quality. You won’t need to worry about people bringing dirt in the outside, and onto your carpets.

  1. Prevent slips and falls

A benefit of using entrance mats to protect your home from slips and falls is one of their many benefits. Wet weather is dangerous because water can easily be tracked in your home and make your floors slippery.

The doormat will allow visitors to wipe off any water and mud on their soles before entering your home.

Make sure you choose the correct kind of mat to protect your feet from slips and falls. For example, a nonskid rubber entrance mat has a firm grip that won’t slide around if you step on them in an unintended direction.

High-quality doormats should be durable enough to withstand repeated washings and beatings. Because it will collect large amounts of dirt, grime and other debris, you want it to be easy-to-wash and dry.

Stylish, long-wearing coir doormats

Door mat offers a wide variety of mats that can be used to enhance your home. Our mats are fashionable and durable, made from hardwearing coir material. It effectively cleans shoes. Our doormats have a beautiful and practical appearance that will make your home look neater, safer, and more attractive.

Door mat is proud to offer a range of functional, yet elegant coir floor mats. Contact us for any inquiries. We will get back to you quickly.

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