How Retail Signage Can Make Your Brand Stand Out


Grab your customers’ attention with digital screens in store and you can keep adapting the messages you send to them with flexible displays that can be edited and updated with personalised information.

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The importance of stand-out signage for presenting your brand identity and personality in a crowded high street should not be underestimated.

Making Digital Signage Work for You

Managing a digital signage installation is not without its challenges, but the customer benefits can make the costs worth it. If you deploy digital solutions across retail signage in more than one store, it is possible to centrally manage the content presented and schedule images, video and information to update across your stores. There is also the flexibility to offer localised offers or promotions and make changes quickly relating to sold-out items or current events.

Using digital signage in your shop windows can increase footfall to your store. At your store’s entrance they welcome visitors and can provide alerts of new promotions to trigger action. In zones such as changing rooms or check-out queues where people may be waiting, they can provide information or entertainment.

Working with an expert partner such as can enable you to access new customers through interactive experiences and improved personalised messaging targeted at individuals as you learn what they want through the actions they take in response to the digital displays around them.

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The Value of Signage

Customer behaviour confirms that a branded atmosphere with attention to detail matters. Visuals on static or digital interactive displays partnered with music mean consumers are more likely to return to a store and talk about it to their friends, and stay and shop in the store for longer.

Measurement of the impact of digital signage is also more possible than with printed and static signage thanks to tools such as Google Analytics tracking responses to individual digital triggers. This can be joined up to real-time sales data and, if you have marketing communications opt-ins from your customer, followed up with cross-channel messaging after the customer has left the store.

Whatever budget you have to implement new signage in your store, there are solutions to fit your brand. Whether you want to be innovative or implement a low-cost nationwide fit-out, your retail signs are an important asset for you to achieve your objectives.

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