Mickael Bellemene: The Ultimate Showman!  


A Great performer is one who lets you into his world. He doesn’t perform FOR you, he transports you into the realms of his mind by translating his fantastical mindscape into reality, allowing you, even for just a short period of time, to escape into his world – into the psyche of a TRUE Artist.


Mickael Bellemene is one of those stars that really impresses you with his commitment to greatness, without even trying. One of the main characteristics that Mickael brings to the table aside from his Creativity, is surprisingly, his Humility. While attempting to craft his performances deeper and more meaningfully, he’s submerged himself into a philosophical space within the abyss of his emotional library, and through the hard-knocks in life, comes shining through as the unpretentious and beautiful showman that he is.

Naturally intense, effortlessly sophisticated, and simplistically intricate, is what makes him such a riveting sight to behold.


What makes Mickael Bellemene the ‘Ultimate Showman’ isn’t purely his high level of skills in contact juggling, his 15 years of experience as an international specialty performer, or his unique form of performance art. It is his integrity to detail, his unique and wildly appreciated physical appearance, and most importantly, his interpretation of the craft – setting him apart from other contact jugglers in Singapore. Beyond pushing the boundaries of prop-manipulation as an artform, Mickael pushes the boundaries of personal expression as a Performing Artist.


What else do you get with Mickael Bellemene?


Versatility could be this Performer’s middle name if you ask me!

With a myriad of props in his arsenal, contact crystal Balls, isolation Hoops or ‘flying Rings’, Diablos, a one-of-a-kind Laser Man show, and a long list of ideas customized to suit your party or client’s industry and theme, it’s hard to believe that one man alone has the potential to take care of all your entertainment in one evening! From the pre-event roving / cocktail performance, interaction with your guests while they start the evening networking, to the final act of the evening. This  French contact juggler is not well-versed in only one act and the ideas up his sleeve are endless!

So, what makes Mickael Bellemene the Ultimate Showman?

Anyone can be a good contact juggler, but it takes a true Artist who humbly shares his deepest most passionate adventures with you, to re-ignite that flame in your gut, as you discover the ecstacy of one man’s dream, on display, in reality.

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