Uses Rice Rubber Polisher for Rice Mill Processing

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Rice is possibly the grain that has been cultivated for a longer time and more extensively, occupying approximately 10% of the total arable land and is the second cereal in importance for human nutrition, after wheat.

Rice milling is done to remove the husk and the bran layers from paddy rice to make whole white kernels. This rice is completely milled, free of impurities and contains minimum broken kernels. Rice rubber Polisher is done to get the better look of rice grains. Both whitening and polishing processes cause breakage of rice. This is because these processes apply pressure to the rice grains. A mist of water is often used to give the grains a clean, smooth appearance.

The raw materials required for manufacture Rice Rubber Polisher is natural rubber. The raw materials are available locally from manufacturers or traders. There is the good number of manufacturers of rubber moulded goods in and around the city.

These units are having the expertise to manufacture Rice Rubber Polisher with little bit change in the existing plant and machinery. One of the major rice producers in the country and a good number of rice mills is working in the different district.

The requirement of good quality rice polisher is increasing day by day. Rice Rubber Polisher has special application in modern rice mill industries for polishing rice. These products are needed in large quantities in modern rice mill plant.

The modern rice mill concept has significantly helped in recovering by-product i.e. rice bran and has helped to be economically sound. All new plants installed to polish the rice which has adopted this method.

The process includes adding to rubber with different chemicals and strengthening filler in the mixing work. After combining, components come in sheet form and are sending to cutting machine to cut into various sizes. Then the formulated sheet of various sizes is placed in the mould and Press with vapour heating agreement. After moulding the materials are finished, checked and packed.alaska Multi Polymers, a well known reputed brand name in Rice Mill & Rubber industry for more than 5 decades now. It has emerged as one of the leading brands in India for Rice Rubber Rolls, Rice Rubber Polisher, Rice Whitening Abrasive Stone, Elevator buckets due to aggressive use of latest technology, dedicated & experienced technocrats & a vast marketing network in India & abroad.

Within a short span of launching, the Durable Superb whitening Abrasive Roller has strengthened its position in the market by competing in terms of quality i.e., Longer life, least broken of Rice and max shine of the Rice in comparison with prominent industry leaders in the market. The Rice whitening Abrasive Rollers/Stones are available in different sizes with easily adaptable to a wide variety of machines available in the market More so, we also cater to specific custom requirement as per the requirement of our esteemed clients. Durable Superb whitening Abrasive Roller are made from best and superior quality Silicon Carbide only.