Bring Back the Beautiful Memories of Your Loved Ones with Personalized Photos


Creating photos and binding them onto pages could seem like an exciting thing to do when you have several images you want to work on. Is a photo book worth it? The book is not only a pictorial story told in more than a thousand words. It helps preserve your best memories that are likely to be forgotten by your loved ones. Imagine the look on your family members or friends when you surprise them with the emotion-filled gift of custom photo books. It could be your wedding photos, your graduation, or your family photos. One look at the book is enough to spur emotions in your loved ones at a time they thought the memories were gone.

A photobook is not only a solo exhibition for your various photos. Have you ever looked at your vintage photo and wondered how it would look on a different device? Photos tend to be finite in originality and publications are faithful to the final copy. A photo book will present your images the same way they were taken by your photographer years back. Thus, your book preserves your images’ fidelity.

How do you make a photo book?

Thanks to Mixbook, it is now easy to compile your photos. However, before you personalize your memories, you should have a story in mind and quality photos to emphasize the theme. Below are the steps to consider:

Have an idea of what you want

Whether you want a reminder of a holiday best spent or a family remembrance compilation, you must have the idea at the back of your mind. Your story needs to have a concept or a workable idea. Opinions are notoriously flaccid and no matter how focused on a theme you are, flashes of additional inclusions to make your book interesting will keep flowing through your imagination. Thus, it would help if you remained open-minded as you work on your original concept.

Compile the images

Do not be in a hurry to compile your photos. Take your time to scan and scheme through the photos you need. An experienced photographer will tell you that you do not have to use the images in your archives exclusively. Once you have identified a storyline, approach it with utmost relaxation. When you take your time to create the photo book, you will have a variety of the best photos to pick from.

After you have compiled the images you need, you must ask yourself if you are working on a compilation without a sequence or a narrative. If it is a narrative you want to tell, then arrange your images chronologically.


Printing is the last step of publishing your photobook. There are various printing options to choose from. For instance, when you command your printer to print on demand, it will print a copy of your content every time you request one. Depending on your resources, you could also go for the high-quality printing papers so that your images will look exactly like you proposed them to appear.

Having a personalized photo book is the epitome of fun. You get to surprise your friends and family with quality memories. Thanks to Mixbook’s exclusive collection of themes, you are sure to have beautifully crafted pictures.


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