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2018 has already seen a number of amazing movies which hit the box office, and there is even more to come. The variety is great – from drama to action movies, from comedy to music stories, – so that everyone can find something for themselves. It is important, though, not to get lost in this uncountable number of masterpieces. This article covers some of recent releases that must be in your collection.

A Quiet Place

After the planet is destructed and humanity is dead; after the cruelest things have happened; after everything is lost – there is still more to overcome. A Quiet Place is a story about a family struggling to survive. Their only option is to be silent and make no noise – otherwise they will come.

What needs to be mentioned about the movie is its absolute uniqueness. Being a horror drama, it doesn’t make your heart stop by screamers and silly scenes.  Quite otherwise, it makes you think and compare, sympathize with main heroes and wait in suspense. The actors’ play makes the movie even more realistic and awakens hidden emotions. Just as well, you are completely absorbed in the atmosphere completed by operator’s work and well-chosen New York locations.

Game Night

Game night starts like a simple romantic comedy – two risky people fall in love with each other and play board games with their friends. What could be more boring? But as the story moves on, it completely changes the point. On a scary night a person will be kidnapped, you will need to save him. Is it just another game or…no joking this time?

Game Night can’t be called shallow in any way. It manages to hold your attention and interests even the most spoilt viewer, thus bringing a new vision of comedy. Contrary to other releases in this genre, it offers you a really good laugh combined with an interesting plot. Apart from everything, it is the cast that needs to be mentioned – Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are absolutely amazing in their roles as a couple.


They meet and fall in love, they set off for a long journey and live, they struggle with the ocean and…

Adrift is a spectacular drama based on a true story of two people, who almost die after in incredible storm during their love journey on a yacht. They are left in the middle of the ocean to survive the cruelest obstacle of their lives. Is love really able to struggle through everything?

The most important thing to be said about the movie is its simplicity in a good sense of this word. Far from being shallow, Adrift doesn’t include many details, special twists or a huge number of actors, which helps to fully concentrate on the plot line. Although the story itself is not a novelty, the movie strikes you with emotional deepness and personal touch. Shailene Woodley is exceptional in her portrayal of human feelings, and in a pair with Sam Claflin they manage to make the film stand out of the whole range of recent dramas.

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