Seek Assistance When Submitting a Claim for Property Damage

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If you own a property that has been affected by subsidence, fire damage, or flooding, you need to obtain a professional’s recommendation about how to handle these types of claims. Unfortunately, you can never predict when a disaster may happen. After all, the incidence of collapse, flooding, or fire is not an everyday event. As a result, the purchase of home insurance is necessary.

Who to Contact to Help You Settle a Damage Claim

By taking out home insurance, you can feel more confident about receiving the financial protection you need in case of a calamity. Unfortunately, submitting a claim for property damage in Barnet can be a long and drawn-out process. What’s more, some insurance companies cannot satisfy all of your expectations. That is when you need to contact a company that can support you in making a damage claim.

By contacting a chartered surveyor, you can also receive the settlement you need. A surveyor will evaluate and diagnose the cause of a building’s damage and collaborate with other specialists in facilitating specific investigational activities. By taking this stance, the company can make sure your interests are supported and met.

Managing Your Insurance Claim

Managing an insurance claim can be complex, if not tiring. That is why you need an advocate in your corner, a company that can serve as your liaison and communicate, as needed, with loss adjusters to optimise you settlement.

Are You Planning to Buy a Property?

You can also use the services of this type of firm to survey a home before you decide to purchase it. A survey is needed if you do not want to spend thousands of pounds on building issues that should have been spotted before a home purchase was made.

In some instances, mortgage companies will carry out a survey for the potential homeowner. In these situations, the survey does not cover the entire building. Therefore, when a mortgage company asks for a survey, it is a valuation survey. A valuation survey is performed to meet the lender’s needs.

An Internal Home Inspection

To make sure your potential future home meets with your own requirement as well as your family’s requirements, you need to have an internal inspection completed. A detailed survey of this type might include the following:

  • A check for timber decay
  • Inspections of the floors
  • Inspection of the ventilation
  • Reviewing the condition of the plaster
  • Taking a closer look at the fittings and fixtures
  • Evaluating the chimney breasts and chimneys
  • Checking for damp
  • Inspecting the floors or partitions

Surveys also include a general overview of building services, including mechanical, gas, electrics, and plumbing. The surveyor provides the client with a breakdown on a property’s condition as well and advice on the types of repairs that need to be made.


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