Tips to Meet Your Driver CPC Periodic Training Requirements

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If you drive a bus, lorry, or coach, you must carry a valid Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) card or risk getting a steep fine. The CPC card requires you to complete approved training courses. While 35 hours may not seem to be a lot of time, it is easy to allow the five-year deadline to sneak up on you.

Find an Approved Training Centre

You need to find an approved training centre to take your periodic training courses. Only approved courses count toward your training requirements. These courses cover various parts of the Driver CPC syllabus used for your initial qualification.

The training courses are designed to help improve driver safety through ongoing education. Fleet Source is a leading provider of approved courses, offering a selection of training modules that can be combined to create seven hours of training. The modules include training on vehicle roadworthiness, reducing road risk, and more.

Set a Goal for Completing the Courses

You have five years to complete the training requirements. While you could take a week off from work and complete 35 hours of training in five days, rushing through your training eliminates the purpose. To get the best results out of your training courses, you should try to complete seven hours per year.

If you complete your requirements more than 12 months before your deadline, your new card is sent closer to the expiration date. By completing seven hours per year, you should complete your last seven hours closer to the deadline and receive your new card right away.

Be Prepared for Your Training Courses

When you arrive for your training course, you need to present either a valid photocard driving licence, digital tachograph card, passport, or driver CPC card. It is advised that you bring two forms of identification as a precaution.

After the course is completed, you receive a certificate of attendance. The certificate is yours to keep. If your employer requires a copy, keep the original. The training centre enters your hours on your Driver CPC training record.

Check Your Driver CPC Record Online

You can check the record of your completed training any time online. If the training from your most recent course does not appear within five days, contact the training centre where you took the course.

The online portal displays the total hours you have completed along with the courses that you have taken. You can also check when you will receive your new Driver CPC card.

Five years is a long time yet it can go by quickly. If you want to ensure that you do not forget about your Driver CPC requirements, check the online portal to review your total hours. Remember to find a training centre near you and complete at least seven hours per year.

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