Traditional Phone Systems Actually Cost Businesses More – Here’s How

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Though you may be familiar with what your traditional communication system is costing you, this does not mean that it is delivering good value. Technology now gives business more options for voice telephony, data and other options, and these are not only often more flexible but usually cost less as well.

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Hidden Extras

By using VoIP, businesses can say goodbye to a range of hidden expenses. These include an array of superfluous services you are charged for whether you want or need them, and it is all hidden in the fine print. Traditional telephony also means lots of hardware set-up costs, along with costly maintenance and repairs. When a business needs to scale up, this is usually an opportunity for a traditional provider to increase their charges. Plus there can be extra fees for maintaining the platform. For more on how the big providers hike up prices, see this report from The Guardian.

VoIP Is the Solution

With VoIP there is no expensive hardware and almost nothing to maintain. The VoIP system is driven simply by a good internet connection and can be hosted from the cloud. It can be accessed anywhere and can easily be scaled up or down to suit your business. All kinds of other features such as customised security, videoconferencing and remote working facilities are easily integrated. With VoIP the only hardware that is necessary will be the actual phones.

VoIP also significantly reduces the cost of international communications. Many businesses find that an international VoIP wholesale provider with access to a large global network can offer extremely competitive rates for calling just about anywhere in the world when using VoIP. If you want to find out more about a cost-effective international VoIP wholesale provider, then it would be a good idea to consult experts in this field such as, who could offer advice and a range of packages tailored to the needs of your business.

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VoIP is the telephony solution of the future that is available today. The digital technology supporting it is only going to improve, and because of the way it works, integrating improvements and innovations can take place easily without expensive hardware upgrades. Most businesses will only benefit from adopting VoIP, and as analogue is being phased out, it really is a no-brainer.


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