Benefits and properties of natural handmade soaps

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Many people are unaware of the great benefit that the use of natural soaps has on the skin as part of our body cleansing routine. Private label soap provides an extra benefit according to the skin needs of people. Many of them can be developed for specific cases such as allergies, sensitive skin, oily skin, mixed skin and even to counteract chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

This benefit is not obtained with the use of commercial toilet soaps, because when mass produced all contain the same chemical components that when used by different types of audiences with particular needs, causes skin irritation, and damage in particular to our epidermis that we will not notice after a while.

The conscious use of products that have contact with our skin is increasingly important within consumers, as it can avoid many types of diseases to which our skin is exposed.

The main difference that exists between the use of handmade and commercial soaps, obviously will always have consequences in our health. It is mainly due to the components that are part of each of these types of soaps.

Handmade soaps are different from commercial soaps because of their processing components. They are natural and do not contain any kind of chemical harmful to the health of our skin. In addition, it has a minimum percentage of alcohol so it does not generate unnecessary dryness to the tissue of our skin, which does happen with toilet soaps.

On the other hand it does not use natural essential oils for its elaboration. This allows to take better advantage of its properties, which does not happen with commercial toilet soaps.

The careful elaboration of artisanal soaps and their components allow us to offer a wide range of benefits such as: permanent hydration of the skin, therapeutic properties thanks to the use of essential oils, does not cause damage to the pores of our skin, its maximum time of life is one year.

There are also extra benefits that can be obtained through the use of handmade soaps, these are aimed at solving specific problems according to the type of skin of people. In the case of having dry skin, it is recommended to use a handmade glass glycerin soap. On the other hand, if you have mixed or oily skin, it is better to use a coconut oil glycerin soap.

Similarly, if it is about people with some type of chronic disease, handmade soaps are prepared based on essential oils that help counteract the spread of these diseases through the skin.

For this reason, the use of handmade soaps allows to find a specific formula for each problem presented by the skin. Besides being an excellent natural alternative for our body, it prepares our skin to receive nutrients and flattering enzymes that reach the body through the natural components of these soaps. Without a doubt, the natural options will always be better than those created to try to imitate the nutrients that a true soap can give us.

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