6 signs it’s time to bring in a new SEO agency

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Is your SEO agency helping to drive high-quality online traffic to your website like Digital Spotlight? Unless you happen to be something of a closet SEO expert in your spare time, it can be difficult to know whether your SEO team is promoting your site to its best effect. Here are six signs that it is time to ditch your current agency and seek out a more effective campaign.

1 It is taking too long

Everyone knows that it takes time to craft an SEO solution that produces excellent results; however, if it has been more than six months and you are still waiting for the promised numbers of high-quality visitors to discover your website, it is time for a change.

2 The results are mixed

If your PPC campaign seems to be doing OK but your organic search results are not producing viable results, it is time to ask your agency some serious questions at the very least.

3 Inability to communicate effectively

According to Search Engine Watch, too many SEO professionals resort to using ‘geek-speak’ during discussions with their clients, leaving the client feeling confused, possibly annoyed, and at a disadvantage.

4 Failure to learn from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time but repeating the same behaviour without taking into account the possibility of changes is potentially disastrous for an SEO campaign. Your agency should be assessing and analysing data constantly in an attempt to uncover which elements work and what needs to be changed to attract the highest quality visitors to your site.

5 Lack of transparency

Your SEO agency should be happy to discuss all aspects of its approach with you. If you feel that you are not being given the full picture, consider changing to a more interactive company that provides professional SEO services and believes in keeping the client fully informed throughout the campaign, such as https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/.

6 Failure to respond to phone calls and emails

When your SEO agency takes longer than 24 hours to respond to your calls and emails, it is a sure sign that the lines of communication have broken down. You are paying the agency good money and it is duty-bound to honour its commitment to you. If you feel as though you are getting nowhere fast, it is time to take drastic action.

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