How ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)’ can be beneficial to organizations in the long-term


Business growth’ and ‘Expertise buildi­­ng’ are two essential qualities for the future of any organization. The organization or the company could be into IT Products, IT Services, BPO, Manufacturing, etc. but one thing which is common across all the sectors is the ‘continuous learning’ that any employee has to pursue in order to stay relevant in the industry. Startups are known to follow the ‘lean-methodology’ where they try to achieve the best possible results with the minimal resources and are not afraid to ‘outsource’ work that is not core to their business. Slowly, even large-scale organizations are following this approach since it helps them build a long-term partnership with key stakeholders in the business and utilize their skills to scale the business.

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For any company, its employees are considered as its key resource and hence they use varied approach when it comes to hiring. With changing ‘technological trends’, not only the candidates; even the employees associated with the Human Resources (HR) department should possess a decent amount of understanding about these trends. They also have to keep abreast with the technologies as they are responsible for shortlisting candidates for their organizations. Since it is all about ‘expertise’, many organizations opt for the Recruitment Process OutsourcingRPO model where they completely or partially outsource the ‘core’ functions of the HR or Hiring department. There are many inherent advantages of choosing an RPO provider or partner since they have a huge amount of expertise when it comes to hiring across different streams & positions and they are always up-to-date with the latest hiring & technological trends.

There are different operational models in which organizations can engage an RPO Partner. There is an Internal RPO resource model that can be used to overcome the enormous amount of challenges associated with hiring a quality candidate within strict deadlines. The model is highly scalable and will reap benefits in the long-term. In the other RPO model, the RPO provider will provide expertise in order to build consistency in terms of ‘hiring process’ across different departments. The employees in the HR department can learn a lot from the RPO provider and the management can visibly keep a track of the overall progress.

Businesses always go through multiple ups & downs and hence there is always a certain amount of ‘volatility’ when it comes to hiring new recruits. There are times when a company might require candidates for a new project in a very short timeline and there is a possibility that they freeze hiring when there is a downslide in their business. Thus, they have to consider cost-effectiveness when it comes to any business function and RPO is an ideal manner to keep costs in check. Based on the varying hiring needs of the client, the RPO can scale up or down the overall recruitment activity. This also means that the HR department is not over-staffed and employees in the HR department are ‘better utilized’ for performing other business-critical activities in the organization. As RPO provider has expertise and contacts, they can be utilized for sourcing, screening & onboarding prospective recruits. With RPO provider on-board, the company no longer needs to spend time & effort for advertising for hiring candidates as the RPO partner can be used to hire top-quality candidates by keeping hiring costs intact!

Now that you have figured out the advantages of choosing Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO), the next major step is to identify the best RPO provider that can understand your company’s DNA, business, and be a valuable partner for all your ‘hiring needs’. When there is so much at stake, you should choose an RPO provider that has proven expertise and has served clients of your scale. ManpowerGroup is a proven leader that provides services like Workforce Management, RPO, Permanent Recruitment and Leadership Training and Development. It is considered to be the best HR consultancy in Mumbai as it has a number of clients in Mumbai and other cities in India. It has a local and global expertise which can be utilized by Indian organizations, as well as global conglomerates. They also have tailor-made models or customized solutions where they the client’s business requirements and culture, so they hire candidates that are not only technically skilled but who are deemed fit for company’s overall work culture. Next time you think about bringing the much-needed cost improvement & expertise to HR function, it is time you opt for a suitable RPO partner like ManpowerGroup Connect them on –


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