4 Reasons to Hire a Local Delivery Service

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When delivering a package across the city, do you tend to use one of your employees to get the job done, or do you jump in the car yourself and drive to the destination? Both scenarios can cause problems, so why not hire a local courier and have them do the task for you. It’ll save you and your employees valuable time.

Here are 4 great reasons to use a local courier service.

# 1. Convenience – When choosing a delivery company for your business, why not consider using an organisation who rely on local couriers rather than international delivery services. Transnational companies don’t have any real connection to your city or town, they don’t know the area as well as a local company or driver would. A multinational corporation may not have runners available upon request, if you live in a remote part of Australia it is more beneficial to use a local driver. They are generally a lot quicker because they operate almost exclusively in your area. This is also good for finding local businesses and addresses. A local courier will have in-depth knowledge of their surroundings, unlike a transnational service. This enables them to deliver your package on time without delay. Using a local delivery service or a company who utilises local drivers is always advisable.

# 2. Eco Friendly – If you’re concerned about polluting the environment and you’d like to take steps towards becoming a more socially responsible entity, then why not consider using a local courier as opposed to a multinational corporation. If you decide to use local runners, you are dramatically cutting down on carbon emissions. Local drivers are in your vicinity which means they don’t have to waste fuel reaching your destination when you place an order. The closer they are to your offices, the less they contribute to environmental problems. Many Australian companies also use bike couriers to deliver smaller parcels, this is an excellent way of eliminating carbon emissions.

# 3. Safe Delivery – The further your parcel has to travel across the country the more it is at risk of getting damaged, especially if you use global courier services. It is more beneficial to source a company who employs local drivers, using these drives helps for several different reasons.

  • They’ve better knowledge of the roads.
  • They’re less likely to crash or experience any incidents.
  • They reduce transportation times.

# 4.  Sustain the Local Economy – Supporting the local and national economy is a great way of giving back to your community. It creates jobs for Australians and helps to build strong economic bonds. Using local couriers who drive for Australian owned businesses is a great way of boosting your local economy. The money you spend on couriers circulates back into the native businesses.

There are several reasons to hire a local delivery service or a company who hires local runners in your area. They’ve extensive knowledge of the community, they are less likely to get lost while in transit and they can guarantee a speedy service. Furthermore, using local couriers is a great way of investing in the local community.


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