How to Plan for Tradeshows Like a Pro

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Planning is key for success in every tradeshow event. Millions of businesses attend multiple shows annually, hoping to reap some rewards, but most of them end up disappointed, simply because they did a poor job during the planning stage. Let us have a look at what it takes to plan for a tradeshow like a pro, and to get the results you desire:

Plan a whole year in advance

This is to help you book the right space or upgrade to better spaces, in case you did not like what you got previously. It will also help you to not miss the details, and have an effective booth that will be full of activities on the actual day.

Contact the exhibit company 3 – 4 months ahead of the show for adjustments

If you realize you need graphic upgrades or upgrades regarding the design of your booth, be sure to contact your exhibit service provider, early enough about the changes. Though the exhibit company can turn around your graphics in no time, you reduce your chances of getting a good job done, when you go last minute.

Get the right message for booth visitors in good time

You should know the message you will be presenting to your booth visitors, months before the day of the show. Of course, this should be in tandem with what you are marketing, and your specific goals. You should also make an effort to reach out to your potential visitors in advance, so that you can schedule appointments, dinners or meetings with hot prospects, to ready them for the show.

Book flights and car rentals at least 6 months before the show

This is not just an optimum time to book flights, but also, it will enable you to save considerably on car rental if you were planning on using such. When you book this early, you also avoid the possibility of missing your flight of choice.

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